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BEHR ULTRA™ Exterior Paints

Whether your project is inside or outside, BEHR ULTRA Exterior lets you paint, prime and protect all-in-one.
Available in Three Finishes

Why Choose BEHR ULTRA?

Because you get it all: High-performing, versatile paint ​and primer in a single coating that provides exceptional durability and resistance to stains and mildew. It’s never been easier to transform and protect your home inside and out.


Let your home express your unique style. Find colours you love with Behr's colour tools. Get inspired by our 2021 Colour Trends Palette.


Getting Started

Quality paint tools deliver quality results. Invest in top-quality brushes and rollers for a seamless finish. Premium lint rollers do not shed or release lint into the paint film as you go, enhancing your overall paint experience and the end result.

Main Points

  • All surfaces should be properly prepared and cleaned
  • Use BEHR ULTRA™ as a primer for properly prepared uncoated or painted surfaces
    --Including woods that contain tannins (two primer coats required for redwood and cedar) and heavily stained areas
  • Use high quality rollers and brushes
  • Stir paint occasionally, intermixing containers of same product to ensure colour and sheen uniformity
  • Heavily saturate the roller
  • Fully saturate the roller, maintaining a wet edge for even finish
  • Dry paint film is mildew resistant

Which Product is Right for You?

BEHR makes highly rated, award-winning paints, stains, and more that deliver superior value at every price point so everyone can transform their space into the look they want with the colours they love.