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Decorative Finishes

Create beautifully unique effects on walls and furniture with Behr's line up of decorative finishes.
Available in a Variety of Finishes and Textures
Can of chalk decorative paint

BEHR® Chalk Decorative Paint

Give your next paint project a unique look with BEHR® Chalk Decorative Paint. It delivers a smooth, matte finish with very little surface preparation.

Can of wax decorative finish

BEHR® Wax Decorative Finish

Designed to work with our chalk paint, BEHR® Wax Decorative Finish seals and protects with a rich satin sheen.

BEHR PREMIUM Popcorn Ceiling Paint

PREMIUM PLUS® Texture Paint

This durable finish is easy to apply and ideal for hiding imperfections.

BEHR paint and Primer Spray

BEHR® Spray Paint

The same BEHR quality you trust, now available at the press of a button.