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Exterior Paint & Primer

Behr manufactures highly rated paints, primers and stains that offer premium quality at a range of price points.
Each exterior product is available in a spectrum of colours to help you transform the look of your home.


BEHR PREMIUM PLUS® Exterior is a 100% acrylic, low VOC formula designed for a long-lasting finish that resists moisture, fading and stains as well as corrosion and provides a mildew resistant finish. It delivers exceptional hide and excellent touch-up while also providing comprehensive all-climate protection.

Avg. Rating:
Stain Blocking Paint & Primer in One
Durable, Long Lasting Finish
Mildew Resistant Finish
Resists Fading
Excellent Hide in 2 coats
Comprehensive All-Weather Climate Protection



BEHR ULTRA Exterior is a high-performance Stain-Blocking Paint & Primer that provides excellent durability and hide in fewer coats. It resists rain as early as 60 minutes after application and guards against damage from sunlight and moisture. It is stain & dirt resistant with an enhanced mildew-resistant paint finish. Ideal for any climate and can be applied in temperatures as low as 2°C.

Avg. Rating:
High Performing, Stain Blocking Paint & Primer
Excellent Durability & Hide in Fewer Coats
Resists Rain Shortly After Application
Enhanced Mildew Resistant Paint Finish
Guards Against Damage From Sunlight or Moisture
Durable, Long Lasting Finish
Comprehensive All-Weather Climate Protection



MARQUEE Exterior is a stain-blocking paint and primer that features Behr’s most advanced dirt and fade protection technology. It creates a tough, non-stick surface that resists dirt so that colour looks freshly painted longer, even under severe weather conditions. It also delivers a mildew-resistant finish, low temperature application and stands up to rain as early as 60 minutes after application.

Avg. Rating:
Guaranteed One Coat Hide in 700+ Colours*

* Valid only when tinted to designated colours from the
MARQUEE One-Coat Hide Colour Collection. Learn more.

Our Most Advanced Formula
Most Advanced Stain-Blocking Paint & Primer in One
Advanced Dirt Resistance
Advanced Fade Resistance
Excellent Early Rain Resistance
Excellent Durability with More Film Flexibility
Excellent Adhesion for True Colour Endurance
Antimicrobial - Mildew Resistant Finish
Comprehensive All-Weather Climate Protection


Additional  Exterior Paint & Primer

Can of Behr masonry, brick and stucco white paint

Masonry, Stucco & Brick Paint

Accentuates textured surfaces while providing strong adhesion and water repellency to properly prepared surfaces.

Exterior Primers and Sealers

Excellent stain-blocking, adhesion and sealing. Resists medium to heavy stains and can cover oil-based paint.

1 GALLON of BEHR PREMIUM Urethane Alkyd Semi Gloss Enamel

Alkyd Paint

Ideal for application on tough surfaces like plaster, wallpaper, aluminum and wrought iron.

BEHR DRY PLUS Masonry Waterproofer

Concrete & Masonry Waterproofers

Designed for porous concrete surfaces, these products are ideal for basements and retaining walls.

BEHR PREMIUM Direct-to-metal Semi-gloss paint

Direct to Metal
Semi-Gloss Paint

Engineered for excellent adhesion to a variety of interior and exterior metal surfaces.

Barn & Fence Paint

Combines the best features of oil and latex for superior colour retention, adhesion and durability.

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Colour Studio

Here you will find inspiration, colour tools, design advice, and other features to help you find the perfect colour for your next project.