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BEHR PREMIUM® Semi-Transparent Waterproofing Stain & Sealer

UV Protection Rain Protection Winter Protection

Available in 60 custom colours to help you create a look that's as beautiful as it is durable.


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Why Choose BEHR PREMIUM® Semi-Transparent Stain & Sealer?

Our most advanced formula weathers it all.

Tips For Ensuring Success on Your Stain Project

See product label or website for required surface prep and application steps.
Proper preparation and application are key to achieving a beautiful deck with long-lasting results. Here are some tips to help you.

How To Stain a Deck

For detailed help on your exterior stain projects, see our how-to section

Use the Proper Tools
Best results are achieved when you use the recommended tools.
  • For best results, a pad applicator is recommended over large areas.
  • Use a nylon/polyester brush for areas requiring more accuracy.
  • Use ¾″ nap or longer when appropriate.
  • A high quality pump sprayer with a variable tip or an airless sprayer with a .015 - .019″ tip may be used.
Preparation Requirement
Before beginning your project, make sure to etch and clean your surface. For best results, apply the second coat thinner than the first. Proper surface preparation is the key to attaining a beautiful appearance and achieving long lasting durability.
Required Product
This product is required to properly prepare your surfaces for staining.
Jug of Behr Premium All in One Wood Cleaner
BEHR PREMIUM All-In-One Wood Cleaner

Use on Exterior Wood & Composites, Decks, Siding, Shakes, Shingles, Fences & Patio Furniture, Vinyl & Aluminum Siding, Masonry, Stucco and Concrete. Make sure to use after application of BEHR PREMIUM® NO. 64 Wood Stain & Finish Stripper.

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Recommended Product
This product is required to properly prepare your surfaces for staining.
Jug of Behr Premium Wood Stain and Finish Stripper
BEHR PREMIUM Wood Stain Finish Stripper

Use on Exterior latex, oil-based and 100% acrylic coatings on Wood Decks, Porches & Patios, Siding, Fences, Shakes and Shingles. After stripping the wood surface, BEHR PREMIUM® All-In-One Wood Cleaner NO. 63 is required to properly clean the surface and neutralize the stripping action.

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