Colour of the Month: Malted

A casual living room with walls painted in a neutral light pink colour, with a white fireplace mantle, black and white window trim, and neutral furniture

In February we reflect on various aspects of love and compassion. This includes self-care and meaningful connections with the people and experiences that hold special significance in our lives. The BEHR February Colour of the Month, Malted N160-3 is a light mauve brown that enhances spaces with a warm glow. This barely-there neutral pink hue creates a sense of understated sophistication in most living spaces. This gentle pink reminds us of the importance of fostering a harmonious balance between self-care, personal growth and meaningful relationships.

The top view of an open paint can featuring a neutral light pink colour

Grey and understated pink walls create an inviting effect with a contemporary edge.

A closeup of a room with walls painted in a neutral light pink colour, styled with a simple grey sideboard and a variety of décor pieces
Wall: Malted

Blush tone kitchen cabinets and light neutrals create a sense of joy and optimism that feels warm and friendly while a gleam of metallic gold accent embellishes in this kitchen.

A contemporary kitchen with upper cabinets painted in a light grey colour and bottom cabinets and the island painted in a neutral light pink colour
Wall: Whipped Cream, Upper Cabinets: Tranquil Gray, Lower Cabinets & Island: Malted    

This diffused pink and emerald-green pairing defines this dining room as a new traditional design with a sophisticated and nostalgic effect.

Walls: Malted, Doors & Trim: Polar Bear

This refined pink is easy on the eye, and ideal for creating a relaxing environment to rest and sleep.

A teen bedroom with walls painted in a neutral light pink colour, styled with neutral and metallic gold décor accents
Walls: Malted, Trim and Beams: ULTRA PURE WHITE®

Malted is warm and soothing pink, perfect for a cozy corner or reading nook.

A reading nook with walls and cabinets painted in a neutral light pink colour
Wall: Malted

A pink front door makes a fun, warm and approachable first impression.

A closeup of an exterior porch, with walls painted in white and the front door painted in a neutral light pink colour
House Body: Polar Bear, Door: Malted

A soft shade of pink adds the perfect amount energy and makes it the perfect colour for an outdoor swing.

An outdoor bench swing painted in a neutral light pink colour
Swing: Malted

For more ideas on how to use Malted and to explore the full BEHR® 2024 Colour Trends Palette visit

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Note – Due to varying screen displays, the colours shown on this page cannot be represented in their true qualities. These should only be considered a guide. Please refer to colour cards and sample containers for true colour reference. Colour samples allow you to apply and test a small area on your wall to view light and ambient conditions that affect colour at different times during the day.

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