Pinks We Love

Une chambre chic avec des murs peints en une teinte de rose chaud et saturé. Accessoires et meubles d'accent dorés.

Pink is often associated with love and romance, and is also a colour that evokes harmony and calm in a space. Soft, dreamy pinks are the perfect backdrops for a variety of other colours. Without a lot of effort, they are versatile and stylish choice for bedrooms, baths and more.

Bathroom image that showcases sink vanity. Decor in sage green accents. Circular mirror and walls painted in Stolen Kiss a delicate light rose tone.

Stolen Kiss MQ3-34 is a delicate light rose that’s fresh and warm. The wall colour balances the depth of the dark cabinetry, while pops of sage green bring the whole look together.

Hallway reading nook with accent wall in pink hue. Accent wall has two picture frames with decorative print. Seating area with neutral tones.

Shades of pink can also be used as accent walls for a touch of colour. Sunwashed Brick S180-2 is a dusty shade of pink that is warmly enveloping. The colour creates instant coziness in a hallway reading nook.

Coastal inspired bedroom image with walls in a light pink. Neutral tones are used throughout bedroom.

Turn your bedroom into a coastal oasis by using Seaside Villa S190-1. This hue will brighten up your room while effortlessly pairing with neutrals and off-whites.

These are we Pinks We Love for being warm, versatile and inviting. Choose your shade to set the mood this Valentine’s Day and enjoy all year long.

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