Coastal Grandmother Hues

walls-Gratifying Gray, island-Ocean Swell

As we wait out the last hot days of summer, we long for interiors that create the feeling of a coastal getaway. Even if you live hundreds of miles from the beach, paint schemes are an easy and attainable way to bring the popular TikTok Coastal Grandmother trend to life. A simple and restorative palette using cool breezy hues mixed with off-white and sandy tones creates a calm coastal ambiance. Natural lighting, rattan furniture, cozy throws and handwoven baskets provide a perfectly relaxed and lived-in seaside feel.

walls-Cotton Knit, wall design-Half Sea Fog

Achieve a contemporary coastal look in a home office using a pearly white on the walls. Add depth by painting the bookshelves with a soothing gray. Create a focal point with a simple desk painted in a blue-grey colour such as Half Sea Fog. To complete the look, add a textured area rug and light window coverings.

walls-Beach House, bookshelves-Gratifying Gray, desk-Half Sea Fog

A living room painted in a quiet yet cool and refreshing hue feels grounded and relaxed, a look for an all-year-round summery feel.

wall-Misty Coast

For more ideas on how to use these colours inspired by the ocean reflecting the blue sky and the coastal mists, visit

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