Lauren Lane’s Warm Dining Room

Lauren Lane's dining room painted in a warm grey with a warm green undertone.

There are so many grey paint colours to choose from and finding the right grey for your personal space can be a bit tricky. Grey hues with blue undertones tend to be cool and chic, while greys with green-yellow undertones are just the opposite, warm and cozy.

Influencer and content creator Lauren Lane recently partnered with Behr to find the perfect colour to warm up her dining room and fit with her personal style. After looking at several grey options, Lauren selected Historical Gray N370-4A for the walls and ceiling.  

An open paint can with a paintbrush sitting on top. The colour in the can is Historical Gray, a warm greyish-green colour.

Lauren describes the hue as a warm, earth-tone, mossy grey with a green undertone. “It’s the perfect colour because it makes a statement but is also so versatile.”

The moulding on the wall was originally in the room. Once the colour was applied, the moulding really stood out. “Warming the room up with this paint colour made all the difference.”

A before and after of Lauren Lane's dining room. The first picture shows a cold white painted room, the second is a warm with a greyish green wall colour.

Lauren loved the colour so much on the walls, that she decided to paint the ceiling too. “It looked good with just the walls painted but making the ceiling match really elevated the room and tied everything together.”

Lauren Lane's dining room painted in a warm grey with a warm green undertone.

“Seeing the room once it was painted was so exciting! It’s a project I’d been wanting to do for a long time but I couldn’t decide on the vision. Now that it’s done I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner – it’s one of my favorite rooms in the house!” – Lauren Lane

Lauren Lane's dining room painted in a warm grey with a warm green undertone.

Some steps to help make the process of choosing a grey hue a little easier.

  • Start out by gathering a few different grey hues that you are drawn to. Select both cool and warm tones that you like. View the colour chips in your space and narrow down your selection to a few favourites.
  • Before you commit, we suggest testing BEHR® colour samples. The undertones of the grey colors will be easier to see in a larger area, helping you to get to the right choice.
  • View how the hue looks during different times of the day, with lighting on and off. Compare with the flooring and other décor elements that you are keeping in the room. You will get a sense of which grey tone look best.

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Design Credit: Lauren Lane
Photo Credit (After Shots): Caroline Sharpnack

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