Luckiest Greens

There are many clever ways to use the colour of nature that is green. We associate the colour green with calmness, restfulness, and renewal. It is also considered by some as a lucky colour, and it is a hue that never goes out of style. In this image we use green in a creative way by painting the ceiling down the back wall to add in depth and a nice pop of colour in Dark Everglade HDC-CL-21A.

A perfect way to make your room a scenic route is by using a forest green. Royal Orchard PPU11-01 is used as an accent wall and it creates the perfect look and feel for this master bedroom.

Vamp up your kitchen space with an environment of green. Dark Everglade HDC-CL-21A is used on the cabinetry as an accent feature. It creates some interest and will get you wanting to cook up some healthy nutritious meals.

Lighter greens make an office space relaxed and tranquil. We can often be caught up in work but one look at Growing Season M380-3 brings a sense of calmness and reminds us of nature’s growing beauty.

Greens can be used anywhere in the home to evoke harmony, tranquility and optimism. Choose your Luckiest Green today.

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