Popular Mineral Greys

A bedroom with walls in the colour Silver Feather and styled with pops of colour in the furniture and décor
Walls: Silver Feather

Minerals are an abundant element found in rocks, ores, and gems everywhere on earth. They come in a stunning array of colours like carnelian red, amethyst purple, and obsidian black. From the grey category of minerals there are quartz, flint, graphite, and mica. Some grey shades are dark and moody while others are pale and delicate.

For paint selections in room décor, the colours can be creatively used to produce moods from serene and sophisticated to cozy and inviting. And while mineral greys can stand on their own, they also pair well with pops of colour as shown in this bedroom above.

Our gallery of favourite greys shows how to use these colours by themselves or in combination with other hues, showing them off to their full potential:

A palette of eight different grey paint colours

French Silver is a cool, elegant grey that can create a relaxing and welcoming effect in a living room.

A classic living room with walls in the colour French Silver
Walls: French Silver

Silver Ash is a refined warm grey that balances stronger colours allowing décor to show and standout.

A bright and warm dining room with walls in the colour Silver Ash
Walls: Silver Ash

Classic Silver is a versatile, popular light grey evoking warmth and comfort. Dark hues like Graphic Charcoal help ground the space and add depth to neutral hallway.

A modern hallway with walls in the colour Classic Silver and a darker grey accent wall in the colour Graphic Charcoal
Walls: Classic Silver, Accent Wall: Graphic Charcoal

Perfect mid-intensity shades of grey in warm to cool varieties can make a timeless home exterior colour scheme.

The exterior of a house with siding in the colour Lunar Surface and garage doors in the colour Platinum
House Body: Lunar Surface, Garage Doors: Platinum

For more ways to use Mineral Greys, check out Behr’s Colour Studio where you will find inspiration, colour tools, design advice, and more!

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