Colour of the Month: Offshore Mist

A bright white bedroom with a light blue accent wall against the bed headboard

As April unfolds, nature starts to show a lively palette that signals the arrival of spring. In the world of colour, April is synonymous with a fresh palette. It is the transition time from cool tones of winter to warmer colours of spring. This month our focus turns to a shade that perfectly captures the serene essence of spring. Offshore Mist PPU13-16 is a captivating light blue that elicits a calm and soothing energy.

The top view of an open paint can featuring a light blue colour

Offshore Mist sets a positive tone in an entryway. It creates a peaceful and welcoming transition from the exterior of the house to the inside space.

An entryway with walls painted in light blue and a contrasting front door in black
Walls: Offshore Mist, Trim: ULTRA PURE WHITE®, Door: Cracked Pepper

In a living room with plentiful natural light, light blue walls can complement and enhance the brightness of the space.

A bright coastal style living room with walls painted in light blue
Walls: Offshore Mist, Trim: Whipped Cream

The warm light blue of Offshore Mist contributes to a calming cooking environment.

A kitchen with upper and lower cabinets painted in light blue
Walls: Gallery White, Cabinets: Offshore Mist

The soft blue hue of Offshore Mist comfortably complements other colours, design styles and furnishings, effortlessly integrating with retro décor and accessories.

An eclectic dining room with walls painted in light blue, styled with retro décor and furniture
Walls: Offshore Mist, Trim: Polar Bear, Door: Midnight Blue, Hutch: Sage Brush

Light blue can serve as an accent that accentuates architectural features such as wainscotting and moulding. It allows surrounding features to stand out without overwhelming the space.

A kid’s bedroom with lower walls and a window nook painted in light blue
Upper Walls: Shoelace, Lower Walls: Offshore Mist, Ceiling: Cotton Knit

This relaxing light blue has a clean and crisp appearance that can evoke a spa-like ambiance, transforming a bathroom into a soothing retreat.

A large spa-like bathroom with walls painted in light blue
Walls: Offshore Mist, Trim: ULTRA PURE WHITE®

In a home office, warm wood tones can balance the coolness of Offshore Mist creating visual harmony.

A bright home office with walls painted in light blue
Walls: Offshore Mist, Trim: Polar Bear

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Note –Due to varying screen displays, the colours shown on this page cannot be represented in their true qualities. These should only be considered a guide. Please refer to colour cards and sample containers for true colour reference. Colour samples allow you to apply and test a small area on your wall to view light and ambient conditions that affect colour at different times during the day.

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