Concrete Cleaners, Strippers & Primers

Prepare your concrete & masonry surfaces for a paint or stain project with Behr's concrete cleaners, strippers and primers.

Can of Behr Premium Concrete and Masonry Bonding Primer
BEHR PREMIUM® Concrete & Masonry Bonding Primer
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This high-performance water based primer has Silicate Fusing Technology to create a strong bond to the surface. Can be used on uncoated or previously coated surfaces.

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Jug of Behr Premium Concrete and Masonry Cleaner and Etcher
BEHR PREMIUM® Concrete & Masonry Cleaner & Etcher
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Start your project with the BEHR PREMIUM Concrete & Masonry Cleaner & Etcher to help create a beautiful and long-lasting finish.

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Jug of Behr Premium Concrete and Masonry Degreaser and Cleaner
BEHR PREMIUM® Concrete & Masonry Degreaser & Cleaner
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Whether you're prepping for a paint or stain project or just doing regular maintenance, BEHR PREMIUM Concrete & Masonry Degreaser & Cleaner gives you the cleaning power you need to get the job done.

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Jug of Behr Premium Concrete and Masonry Paint Stripper
BEHR PREMIUM® Concrete & Masonry Paint Stripper
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For projects that need a fresh restart, use BEHR PREMIUM Concrete & Masonry Paint Stripper.

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Get inspired!  Learn about colour tools, get design advice, and find help to choose the perfect colour for your next project.

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Colour selection can be intimidating.  We can help you find the right hues for any room and any mood you want.

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Find your perfect colour! Explore, coordinate and preview your colour choices in room images. Our tool makes it easy.

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