Leanne Ford’s Cottage Guest House

View of Leanne Ford’s living space

The cottage guest house is located on the property of Leanne’s early 1900s home purchased in Pennsylvania several years ago. When she first moved there, Leanne was drawn not to the main house, but the small carriage home hidden on the property. She immediately fell in love with it and knew this would be a forever renovation.

Her first makeover was to preserve what was already in the home. She wanted the styling to be unique to her, but cozy for guests. The space was filled with some of the original character and pops of colour. Leanne’s touch came with white painted beams and coffee-stained washed walls. Now a few years later, Leanne was ready to make the place feel more like her.

“I thought, it’s time to get this back to me. I wanted to simplify. I had to undesign it.” – Leanne Ford

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For this renovation, Leanne decided she needed a place that gave her visual simplicity and allowed her to focus and be creative. She painted a fresh coat of paint in Natural White throughout – leaving some of the original home and styling from her first renovation in place. The combination of the Natural White hue with Leanne’s signature coffee-stained walls, imperfect coats, and rustic painted styled furnishing freshened up the space without losing its warmth and country-cottage feel.

“It’s okay to change your mind…a home isn’t stagnant, and there’s major power in a fresh coat of white paint.” – Leanne Ford

Leanne Ford’s living room with walls painted in Natural White and styled with furniture and accents in creamy whites and beige

The living room is welcoming and fresh. The large windows bring in light, highlighting the warmth of the Natural White hue. Leanne’s tonal colour palette of creamy whites with beige accents set the mood for the whole house.

Leanne Ford’s dining area with walls painted in Natural White and styled with furniture and accents in neutral colours

In the dining area, added touches of distressed furniture keep the cottage feel. The room is grounded with a warm neutral rug, and oversized round lights that play well with the Natural White hue that is painted on the walls, trim and ceilings.

Leanne Ford’s bright and simple kitchen with walls painted in Natural White and styled with large grey-scaled artwork

The kitchen is bright and simple. Not overdone with cabinets, but rather filled with beautiful, grey-scaled landscape scenes that complement the fresh painted walls. The reflection of the paints sheen allows the light to bounce from it, and slightly elevates the rustic feel.

Leanne Ford’s stairway with walls painted in Natural White and styled with brown accents

Natural White lights up the stairway. The use of different materials warms up the space inviting you to the upstairs.

Leanne Ford’s rustic bedroom with brick walls and beams painted in Natural White

The painted brick and rustic beams, imperfectly done, allow the original character of the home to come through. The mix of materials create personality in the bedroom. Natural White brightens the room but also keeps the feeling relaxed and comforting, perfect for a good night’s sleep.

“I love cottage style. I’m constantly walking the line between preserving a home’s bones and making it my own. I love doing imperfect.”  – Leanne Ford

View of Leanne Ford’s living space

“The cottage now feels so clean and peaceful, a place where I can truly be creative. Before, it didn’t feel complete. And now it does.” – Leanne Ford

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Design Credit: Leanne Ford Interiors
Interior Styling Credit: Hilary Robertson
Photography Credit: Erin Kelly
Copy References: Domino, Domino

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