Desert Daze

A dining room with walls painted in a soft pink colour and styled with mid-modern century furniture
Wall: Smokey Pink

During the winter season, what better way to bring warm energy into your home than with a fresh coat of paint? The palette below represents the colours of sunsets and desert sand. These rich neutrals and vibrant earthy inspired hues have hints of soft pink, terracotta, golden yellow, and red.

A palette of colours inspired by sunsets and desert sand
Colours: Smokey Pink N150-2Balcony Sunset MQ4-38Golden Aura MQ4-08Kalahari Sunset MQ1-25Canyon Dusk S210-4Red Pepper PPU2-02
A bright bedroom with walls painted in a warm peach colour
Wall: Canyon Dusk

The natural light coming into the room, with the warmth from Canyon Dusk gives the room a cozy, fresh feel. Large windows or skylights bring in a connection to the outdoors and work well with this desert-inspired hue.

A hallway with walls painted in an orange hue
Wall: Golden Aura

Clean lines and minimal design of the hallway pair nicely with Golden Aura. The vibrant hue gives just enough interest without overstating the minimalistic feel.

A living room with an accent wall painted in a bright peachy orange hue
Back Wall: Balcony Sunset, Side Wall & Trim: Swiss Coffee

The soft glow of Balcony Sunset incorporated with natural materials such as dark ceiling beams, a wood coffee table, and woven accents give the room a lively, comforting feel.

Overall, these colours work nicely with simplistic styling, natural materials, and a connection to the outdoors. They are perfect for those who love minimalism, natural vibes, and seek to create a serene and comfortable living space.

For more ways to use these colours and others of the like, check out Behr’s Colour Studio where you will find inspiration, colour tools, design advice, and more!

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