Colour of the Month: Orange Flambe

The corner of a room with walls in the colour Orange Flame and styled with neutral mid-century modern furniture
Walls: Orange Flambe, Trim: Whipped Cream

Looking for an autumnal paint shade that adds an optimistic vibe into your home? October’s Colour of the Month Orange Flambe infuses a warm invigorating ambiance into any space.

It is an enlivening all-year-round hue that evokes feelings of warmth and reassurance. Orange Flambe is a rich and intense brick-tone, perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings.

The top view of an open paint can featuring the colour Orange Flambe

Orange Flambe provides a dramatic contrast when paired with white kitchen cabinets and a black island. This warm and radiant hue can infuse a spicy earthy complexity to any room type.

A large kitchen with walls in the colour Orange Flambe and paired with white cabinets and a black island
Walls: Orange Flambe, Trim & Cabinets: Smoky White, Island: Cracked Pepper

Orange is believed to stimulate the appetite and is often associated with a sense of comforting warmth and friendliness. Try painting it on a furniture piece or accent wall for a lively statement.

A simple and elegant dining room with walls in the colour Tranquil Gray and an accent wall in the colour Orange Flambe
Walls: Tranquil Gray, Trim: Polar Bear, Accent: Orange Flambe

Orange Flambe shows versatility when used with other colours. Pair it with white paint and black metal accents for an industrial modern look and add a touch of blue for a more relaxing vibe.

An industrial modern bedroom with an accent wall in the colour Orange Flambe
Right/Left/Bathroom Walls & Trim: Smoky White, Headboard Wall: Orange Flambe, Bathroom Cabinets: Adirondack Blue

An eye-catching colour like Orange Flambe inspires creativity, imagination, and confidence. It is the perfect choice for a space where kids are free to play and explore.

A kids’ room with walls in the colour Gratifying Gray and a small nook in the colour Orange Flambe
Walls: Gratifying Gray, Trim: Polar Bear, Nook (Back Wall): Orange Flambe, Nook (Frame): Dark Ash

With its optimistic nature, Orange Flambe is ideal for adding bold energy to outdoor entertainment areas.

An outdoor entertainment area, with house exterior siding in the colour Orange Flambe and trim in the colour Cracked Pepper
House Body: Orange Flambe, Trim: Cracked Pepper

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