Selecting Exterior Paint Products & Colours

For years, homeowners have turned to BEHR to provide them with a virtual rainbow of premium quality paints at a great value.

For Best Results:

Choose the right product to improve the look, longevity, and beauty of your home.

Always use primer on an exterior paint project-especially on hard-to-paint surfaces.

Determine if an existing paint coating is oil-based or water-based.

For a dramatic colour change, tint with BEHR Exterior Primer to provide a uniform surface of topcoat.

  1. Tip 1

    When selecting a colour, keep in mind your home's surroundings . Do you want your home to stand out, or blend in?

  2. Tip 2

    Consider the amount of light your home receives during the day. For very shady areas, you may want a lighter colour to reflect more natural light, whereas very sunny areas can handle a darker shade.

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    Tip 3

    To make your colour choices easier, visit for inspiring ideas or visit the BEHR Colour Solutions Center at your nearest The Home Depot location to explore scores of exterior colour options.

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Suggested Tools & Supplies
  • Brush (Nylon/Polyester)

    Paint Tray

    Stir Stick

    Painter's Tape

    Drop Cloths


    Roller Cover and Frames


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Additional Resources
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Ask an Expert

Every project is unique: Keep small wrinkles from becoming big problems by letting the Behr Technical Experts lend a hand. 

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Colour Studio

So many colours and so many ideas: Visit Behr’s Colour Studio for inspiration, colour tools, design advice and everything you need to find your project’s perfect colour.

Colour Studio

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