Image of exterior of a garage and garage door with teal siding.

How to Paint a Garage Door

Image of exterior of a garage and garage door with teal siding.

A beautifully painted garage door can be the finishing touch to your home's exterior makeover.

For Best Results:

To promote the adhesion and durability of your topcoat, use a PREMIUM PLUS® Primer.

Not interested in applying a primer?
Consider using BEHR ULTRA® products--innovatively developed as a paint and primer in one.

The Garage Door

  1. Dip brush into paint.

    Step 1

    Begin your painting project by pouring thoroughly mixed paint into a bucket and dipping a quality 5.1 - 6.4 cm (2"-2½") wide nylon/polyester brush into the paint.

  2. Paint garage door panels.

    Step 2

    Starting with a top panel of the garage door, paint into the recessed area of the panel. Begin at a corner of the recess and continue around its perimeter.

  3. Clean off edges.

    Step 3

    Continue painting the remainder of the panel until the entire panel is complete. Repeat the process of painting the panels and their recesses until all the panels are complete. Wipe away the excess paint that has overlapped onto the stiles.

  4. Paint garage perimeters.

    Step 4

    With your brush, paint (cut in) around the perimeter of the garage door in a (5.1 - 7.6 cm) 2"-3" wide section. Start at the top corner and continue along the walls.

  5. Load roller with paint.

    Step 5

    From the bucket, pour paint into a paint tray and work the roller into the tray until it is fully loaded with paint. For best results, use a (9.5 - 19 mm) 3/8"-3/4" roller cover.

  6. Roll paint onto garage facings.

    Step 6

    With your roller, paint the stiles around the perimeter of each panel. Continue until the garage door is complete.

The Garage Door Frame

  1. Paint garage frame.

    Step 1

    Again with your brush, paint the inside frame of the door starting at the top of the frame.

  2. Wipe away excess paint.

    Step 2

    Continue until the door frame is complete. Wipe away the excess paint that has overlapped onto the trim.

The Garage Door Trim

  1. Paint garage door trim.

    Step 1

    Starting at a top corner of the door trim, paint the side edge of the trim where it meets the wall. Continue until all edges of the trim are complete.

  2. Painting garage door trim.

    Step 2

    Return to the top of the door trim and begin painting the face of the trim.

  3. All trim painted.

    Step 3

    Continue until the garage door trim is complete.

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Suggested Tools & Supplies
  • Brush 5.1 - 6.4 cm (2"-2½")


    Bucket Grid

    Extension Pole

    Vinyl Gloves


    Paint Can Opener

    Paint Tray

    Paint Tray Liner

    Painter's Tape


    Roller Cover and Frame

    Stir Stick

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